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In recent years, low back pain has become so common in modern society that it can only be considered a minor ailment. At the same time, the growing number of people suffering from low back pain has become a population that has to be taken seriously. It can be seen that the subhealth of low back pain can not be ignored. How to relieve subhealth back pain has become a topic of growing concern, in addition to going to the hospital to see a doctor take medicine to treat, perhaps choosing a mattress to relieve back pain can also become the object of choice. How to choose the best mattress for low back pain patients, you can look at the following consumer report on this.

  1. Choose the most suitable mattress, not the best

There is no best mattress, only the best mattress for the individual. What mattress is best is ultimately a matter of personal preference. There is no single mattress style or type that will work for all back pain sufferers. Any mattress that allows people to sleep without pain and stiffness is the best mattress for that person. Especially back pain patients should choose a mattress that meets their specific comfort and support so that they can get to a better quality of sleep

  1. Ask or understand the physical composition of the mattress

The coils or innerspring of a mattress play a supportive role inside the mattress. However, different mattresses differ in the number and arrangement of coils. The pad on top of the mattress also comes in many different thicknesses. The depth dimensions of the mattress are usually anywhere from 7 to 18 inches. Of course, the number of coils, the type of padding, and the depth of the mattress should all be chosen based on specific personal preferences that vary.

  1. Choose a mattress that can support the back

A good mattress with back support should provide a support function for the natural curve and alignment of the spine in the correct order. The moderate back support can help patients avoid muscle aches and pains when they wake up in the morning. There is little clinical data on mattresses, but one study found that a medium-firm mattress generally outperformed a firm mattress in relieving back pain.

  1. The mattress needs to be able to achieve a balance between back support and comfort.

The overall comfort of a person sleeping on a mattress is as important as the mattress providing adequate back support. For example, a mattress that is too hard is likely to cause pain at the sleeper's pressure points. At that point, switching to a medium-firm mattress may be much more comfortable because it has features that allow the shoulders and hips to sink slightly. However, if the patient wants a firmer mattress to support the back, it is recommended that a mattress with relatively thicker padding can be purchased, which can improve comfort somewhat.

  1. Determine when you should buy a new mattress.

When the middle of the old mattress sinks significantly or the mattress no longer feels comfortable, you can consider whether you need to re-purchase a new mattress. Of course, this problem, you can also choose, the sagging mattress under a board to prevent the middle of the mattress from continuing to sink this solution in the short term is to solve the problem of mattress sagging. But after a short time, you will still need to buy a new mattress. So you can also consider buying a new mattress when this problem arises.


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