Customize Or Buy Different Types Of Mattresses


What is a plush mattress?

A plush mattress is an extra soft mattress often made from memory foam to provide a soft feel. Generally, plush refers to anything that is soft and comfortable, and expensive too. So, a plush mattress is a very soft, sinkable mattress which makes you sink into it like you’re sleeping on cloud foam. This softness comes from layers of pressure-relieving materials added on top of the support core.

Sometimes, softens is achieved by using padding with different thicknesses and densities. These layers can contour sleepers’ hips and shoulders and cradle their bodies throughout the night. Plush mattress also provides good support for your back so that you don’t hurt your back while sleeping. Mainly made of memory foam, a plush mattress would deform under pressure and get back to its original shape.

Your sleeping posture determines the level of comfort you need from your mattress to get a nice good-night sleep.